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What is Sensitive Ai?


Why pay for an expensive security system when you can set it up for Free in minutes? Sensitive Ai is a motion sensitive security app that uses Artificial Intelligence to detect a number of objects and send you only pertinent notifications.

Unlike similar apps, with Sensitive Ai there is no limit to the number of devices/cameras you can add-on and set up a surveillance system which can manage your home, office and business needs.

Furthermore, you can remotely manage each of these cameras from wherever you are to always know what’s going on


Sensitive Ai has developed a unique patent pending Masking feature which allows you to simply draw on the camera screen and block out motion from unnecessary objects such as moving leaves, traffic and busy backgrounds.
You can now focus on the area you want to observe while minimizing false notifications.


Download the Sensitive Ai app and you’re ready to go in minutes. Add unlimited additional devices easily. Remotely Start, Stop or Trigger any of the multiple cameras you have added to your Sensitive Ai network. 

What are the steps to setup? **
** These are the steps to connect 2 or more phones ( 1 as the controller and others as capture devices)

1. Register to create your account**. 
** Registration is required with email confirmation

2. Login to your first device with the username and password from Step 1 above

3. Pick the device from the list of devices (Available Device #1) and give it a meaningful name**
    **For a free account there will be 2 devices available (Named "Available Device" #1 and #2 by default)

4. Login to your second device with the username and password from Step 1.

5. Pick the device from the list of devices (Available Device #2) and give it a meaningful name

6. Set up one of the devices as the capture device, ie. on its camera screen (Connected to power source)

7. From the other device you can now control the capture device. Start , Stop and Take a 5 sec Video

 If you are setting up more than 2 devices:

8. Touch "Add A Device". Follow the App Store purchase.

repeat Steps 3 to 5,  picking the newly added device (Available Device #3, etc) in Step 4.


What Security do we use?

The security of your content is of paramount importance to us. To this end we have implemented the following:

  • The highest levels of security for authentication and capturing.
  • All content is stored on Private secure cloud storage that implements industrial strength security.
  • No location information is collected or stored; so there is no record of that associated with your content.

What are the features of SensitiveAi?

  1.  AI - We use Object Detection to send intelligent notifications to all connected devices.
  2. 720 p HD video capture upon motion sensing.
  3. Full Zoom.
  4. Auto Focus and Auto Exposure.
  5. Connect unlimited devices.
  6.  Our Patent-Pending Masking feature lets you mask out unnecessary areas.
  7. Remote control any device on your network
  8. Works well with WiFi, 3G, 4G (LTE).


Why is my remote device not responding?

Possible reasons (With solution in brackets):

The device being controlled is not on the Camera. (Put the remote device in camera mode. by touching the Sensitive Ai logo on its dashboard)
The device has died or has lost its network connection.
(in either of the above cases the remote command will return "No Response")


My device is capturing though there is apparently nothing moving.

Possible reasons (With solutions in brackets):

Sensitivity is set to very high. (Reduce sensitivity)
There is snow or rain. (Reduce sensitivity and try zooming in)
Rapidly changing light conditions. (Mask out the area from where the light emanates)
Leaves or other spurious motion present. (Mask out the area)


What can I do on the remote device?

Start and stop the remote device.
Take a 5 sec video on the remote device.

(In future versions more control will become available)


I am not getting AI notifications;  only a motion detected notification.

Currently the number of AI detections are limited per day. When this limit is reached you will only receive  the "Motion Detected" Notification.

You will get an option to watch a Short Video Advertisement to augment this.


What Does AI Stand for?

Artificial Intelligence. The capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behaviour

In Sensitive AI the computer can differentiate between different objects:

Person, Cat, Dog, Car, Bicycle, Truck, etc. The system then sends notifications based on the settings chosen on the 'capture' device.


Can Any Device be a capture Device?

First off, when we refer to 'capture' devices we are referring to the device(s) being used as a camera.

So each capture device can set its own set of object(s) to be notified on.


How long will the SensitiveAi app function without a power source?

The question is really How long will the battery last when the SensitiveAi app is running?

The rough times we have seen as as follows (Your milage may vary)

 iPhone 5s  about 2 hours  capturing around 30 videos

iphone 7.     about 31/2 hours capturing around 50 videos

iphone 6 plus   about 4 hours  capturing around 50 videos

So you need to connect the phone to a power supply unless you only intend to leave it for a short period. Again this depends on the device and its battery condition. Your best bet is to leave the device connected to power while in capture mode.