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Here are some tips and a few tricks to help you set up a Sensitive Ai Network.


Choose a phone stand / holder appropriate to the location that you are placing the device. Please remember to connect the phone to a power supply unless you only intend to leave it for a hour or two. Again this depends on the device and its battery condition. Your best bet is to leave the device connected to power while in capture mode. 

Some Ideas:

Cut a slit in the lid of a to-go coffee cup and run the cord through another hole at the bottom.

Use a coffee mug just large enough to hold your phone

There are many choices available commercially


Sensitivity and zoom

Sensitivity can be affected by the zoom level, especially in front-camera mode. 



Use a combination of zooming and masking to reduce false alerts. For example you want to monitor your yard, but not cars that go into your neighbour's. Or mask out the branch of the tree that is swaying in the wind, etc. 


At the current time AI (Object) detections are limited because of the high costs associated with this.
However, to offset the costs and provide more AI detections we are offering Rewarded ADs. You will be prompted for your choice to watch short (20 seconds or so) Ads which will add additional ai detections to your account.